Since he announced his run for the White House, billionaire businessman Donald Trump has made the southern border one of his key issues. He’s made no apologies for his remarks about drug dealers and rapists making their way to America via the porous border. His promise to build a wall has also been wildly popular among his supporters.

Like many involved American politics, Mexico has finally come to terms with the idea that Trump and his ideas are not going away just yet. Those concepts have taken their toll on Mexico and its image, and it has decided it’s time to something about it.

To help restore their marred reputation, the Mexican government announced it was sending diplomat Carlos Sada to Washington in an effort revamp the country’s tarnished image, according to Reuters.

Sada admitted that Mexico has neglected its image and planned to address the problems through lobbying efforts and with PR and media campaigns.

“We need to do a more thorough job so that people understand what (Mexico) contributes,” Sada said Tuesday after being sworn in at Mexico’s legislature.

Gabriela Cuevas, an opposition lawmaker, said it was vital for Mexico to improve its image but that wasn’t enough to change the “hateful trend that Trump and other xenophobes before him have stirred up.”

“They don’t understand the extent of the damage Trump has done,” she said.

There’s no doubt that Mexico would like to blame Trump for its damaged reputation, but at the end of the day, it has been forced to admit that much of what Trump has said was right — an undoubtedly humiliating admission.  READ MORE