They Laughed In Our Face For Abusing Welfare, But Their Fun Is About To End With THIS News…

VIA|  Every year it seems like there are more and more people trying to abuse our country’s welfare system. While welfare and government assistance was originally intended to help those struggling financially to afford basic necessities like food and shelter, today it’s used for much more.

Take this woman for example who says she uses the money she receives from the government to give her kids an extravagant Christmas filled with expensive gifts like iPads.

One of the most abused aspects of our welfare system is food stamps, but new regulations will soon go into affect to try and combat that and hopefully stop these ridiculous people from abusing our country and taxpayers.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), enrollment in food stamp programs will significantly decrease because of this new requirement. The CBPP had mandated that individuals “who don’t have a disability or claim any dependents must enroll in job training or work at least 20 hours per week if they want more than three months of food stamps.”

Ed Bolen of the CBPP says that the “group expects these new requirements to make the enrollment rate for food stamps drop significantly, and that will come mostly because they will have no choice, as many states do not offer training or jobs that meet the reimposed requirements.”

If you are one of America’s law-abiding, tax-paying citizens that see a huge amount of money taken out of your paycheck each week to pay for others who are abusing the system, this is good news.

It’s nice to know that there’s a good chance that we will likely not be funding welfare queens like this young mother of 12 or people like this who refuse to work and just expect the government and taxpayers to support them.

However, there will be many who are not abusing the system and genuinely need the support that will likely suffer as a result of this regulation. It’s important to keep this in mind.

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