Savage: Trump Won’t Roll Over For Google, Unlike Obama

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Under Obama, Google was untouchable,” Michael Savage told, answering the question whether he thought it was possible President Trump might appoint a head to the Federal Trade Commission willing to bring anti-trust action against Google for censoring conservatives on the Internet.

“Obama rolled over, doing for Google whatever Google wanted done,” Savage added, noting that President Trump had just tweeted the “Fake Media (not Real Media) has gotten even worse since the election.”

In the email exchange, Savage referenced one of the key themes in his new best-selling book Trump’s War in Chapter Ten, “Trump’s War for the First Amendment.”

Savage echoed a key theme of his book that the First Amendment was under attack with George Soros spending billions to suppress free speech by funding violent groups like Black Lives Matter who sanction violence to promote their message, while Internet giants like Google and Facebook signed onto David Brock’s determination to censor conservative news like that the leftist establishment branded as “Fake News.”

“For them, this means my radio show, The Savage Nation, may need to be ‘exposed and countered,’” Savage wrote, expressing his alarm the leftist establishment has ordained “that any support for Trump in the media” is de facto Russian propaganda. asked Savage if he thought Donald Trump might appoint a head to the FTC willing to campaign for the position by openly expressing a willingness to bring anti-trust actions against the Internet giants.

“Maybe Google ruled under Obama,” Savage responded, “but under Donald Trump, not so fast.” has reported that President Trump has yet to elevate FTC Acting Chair, Maureen K. Ohlhausen, a Republican appointed by President Obama to the FTC in 2010, who dissented to an FTC settlement reached in 2013 threatening to apply anti-trust sanctions to various Google business practices.

Meanwhile, as hard as Google has worked behind the scenes to promote Ohlhausen, Google has worked overtime to smear Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes – a Republican nominee for FTC chair who campaigned strongly for Trump in western states during the 2016 presidential nomination.

In Chapter Ten of Trump’s War, Savage argued that while the First Amendment does not allow the government to surprise dissent, the First Amendment does not sanction the use of violence to promote one’s message.

“When liberals of all races and creeds began rioting after Trump’s election, O [Obama] did the same thing,” Savage wrote.  “He actually stood on foreign soil and called the riots ‘one of the great things about our democracy.  I’m not fabricating this.  This divisive serpent had become so arrogant, so unafraid of any consequences for the damage he’d done to this nation, that he would look into the camera and say outrageous things like that, knowing an adoring media would back him up.”

For Savage, government censorship imposed by leftist violence has no business silencing conservative critics under the First Amendment.

“When you write an article or a blog, appear on a television show, or even assemble peacefully in a public forum meant for that purpose, you are exercising rights the First Amendment protects,” he added in Chapter Ten.

“But the moment you pick up a brick and throw it through a window, or join a mob blocking an expressway, which violates someone else’s right to liberty, or especially when you commit a violent act against an innocent bystander, you are no longer exercising your First Amendment rights,” Savage continued.

“You are now violating the rights of others, something the First Amendment does not allow you to do.”

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