Roswell UFO Crash – First Hand Witness Testimony – One Alien Was Alive!

This is Gerald Anderson’s story of the Roswell UFO crash. He was interviewed by famous UFO researcher Stanton Friedman (the same researcher who first obtained Major Jesse A. Marcel’s testimony about the Roswell incident. During this interview, Gerald Anderson tells of him as a young boy of walking up on a crashed UFO complete with its crew of 4 and with one alien creature still alive.
The Roswell Incident was, in fact, a crashed UFO Anderson was out rock hunting with some family members on the Plains of St. Augustine near Socorro on the July 1947 morning that this event took place. His testimony was polygraph proved, which proves that the UFO phenomenon is real and the Roswell Incident was, in fact, a crashed UFO. When they were out rock hunting, they discovered a silver disk. There were three creatures, three bodies, lying on the ground underneath this thing in the shade. Two weren’t moving, and the third one obviously was having trouble breathing.
There was a fourth one next to it, sitting there on the ground. There wasn’t a thing wrong with it, and it apparently had been giving first aid to the others. After a couple of minutes, Anderson investigated the UFO and the alien that was still alive turned and looked at him. Anderson had the feeling the creature was inside of his mind. He could hear his thoughts. A group of armed soldiers suddenly appeared. The extraterrestrial creature, which had calmed down after its initial fright, “went crazy” at the sight of the soldiers.
Thinking back on the creature’s plight today brings on the “most awful, horrible feeling,” Anderson says. “His situation was hopeless. He was aware of it. He’d just lived through a nightmare that most of us wouldn’t be able to psychologically stand. He’d watched two of his crew die. He knew there’s no chance of rescue because our military is here and his people aren’t going to be able to get him. “As a kid, I was aware of what being afraid of the dark was like., and the feeling I got from him at the moment was that feeling multiplied a million times. It was really scary. It was terrifying.

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