Psychedelic Video Explains The History Of The Entire World

The video has gone viral as Wurtz takes viewers along a trippy journey at breakneck speed that may have the watcher wondering just what was in that cigarette they smoked or that homemade cookie that they ate.
Trippy Video Will Have You Wondering What You Smoked Or Drank Wurtz manages to include the creation of the universe and then takes the journey through the Cold War and finally onto one of the biggest changes the world has ever seen, the invention of the internet. Throughout it all, Wurtz has used the jingles and graphic type that have become his trademark and which are well known to his millions of subscribers on YouTube. Since the video was published three days ago, it has received 8,633,697 views and climbing, making it the most popular that Wurtz has ever come up with.
There were numerous comments about the video with one being that the person watching had learned more from watching the video than they had during all of their middle school history class years. Another said that the video was a whole years’ worth of AP World History that had been condensed into under 20 minutes, which was under half of the typical period in a school day.
While others said that they had learned more than their biology, geography and chemistry teachers had ever taught them. Viral Video Receives More Than 8 Million Views And Counting Wurtz has done well showing the entire history of the world, well a condensed version of it with many things, and countries being left out, but it is a funny and unusual look at just how things have progressed.