Porsche Reveals The Actual Reason Behind Paul Walker’s Death Four Years Later

If you recall, Paul Walker died in a terrible and tragic car accident on November 30, 2013. Walker was in the passenger seat in a Porsche and was leaving from a charity event when his car suddenly crashed and burst into flames, him and and the driver dead at the scene.


Many have speculated the cause of his death wondering what could have gone wrong? The crash took place a very short distance from the event and it was determined that the crash occurred due to speeding. Walker lost control of the car and hit a tree…


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Although investigators claimed it was because of speeding, Walker’s daughter didn’t agree. She hired an attorney who revealed that the car wasn’t going fast according to surveillance videos and that the vehicle was actually a ticking time bomb that shouldn’t be on the streets. Basically, this was just waiting to happen…So what really happened?

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