THE PICATRIX: Ancient ‘Book Of Magic’ Teaches How To Obtain Cosmic Energy

One of the most important purposes of humanity is to live a life of constant search of knowledge and experience.
As mankind evolves and share what he has learned in his lifetime, this knowledge passes through generations and adapts. Most of these things are recorded in the form of books where everything can be interpreted in great detail and guide the reader with ease.
There are books that tell great stories, important historical events, teaches about many kinds of sciences, or, it can even teach about a different kind of science known as ‘Magic’. Magic was practiced a lot during ancient times and that’s when many of the most important mystical grimoires came to be, becoming basis to the art of mysticism that is used by some people today.
One such important book of magic is the ‘Picatrix’, also known as ‘Ghāyat al-Ḥakīm’. The book tells of many secret rituals and spells regarding the cosmos and how the caster can use the energy of planets to attain incredible power. Watch the following video to know more!