Mutant Fish Concerns SC Residents

June 30, 2017 A monstrous-looking mutant fish caught in a South Carolina lake has residents concerned and authorities baffled. Images of the deformed fish appeared on social media earlier this week and eventually caught the

Rocks Rain Down on Village in India

June 30, 2017 A bizarre incident involving rocks raining down from the sky has some residents wondering if something supernatural could be behind the strange event. According to villagers, the ‘rocky rain’ occurred throughout the

Terrifying Tesla Spirit Radio Rebuilt – Terrifying Tesla Spirit Radio Rebuilt The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio is a non-powered crystal radio circuit that is plugged into the computer.It generates sound from the signals it receives.The video was looking awesome.

Tourists Snap Photo of Nessie?

June 27, 2017 A pair of tourists from Australia had the ultimate Loch Ness experience when they seemingly spotted the legendary monster said to lurk there. Peter Jackson and Phillippa Wearne were vacationing at the

Odd Object Photographed on Mars

June 28, 2017 An image taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has once again drawn the attention of anomaly hunters who have spotted a strange object sitting on the surface of the Red Planet. The

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