Two-Headed Porpoise Find is a First

June 14, 2017 A group of fishermen in the Netherlands made a historic catch when they pulled in their net and discovered that it contained a two-headed porpoise. To call the remarkable creature rare would

Video: 5 Incredible Quirks of History

June 14, 2017 In the annals of history, enormous events can sometimes be traced back to seemingly minor moments that unknowingly caused them to happen. YouTube user Dark5 has compiled a fascinating collection of decisions

Flat Earth Billboard Bought in Philly

June 13, 2017 An ambitious group of Flat Earth researchers hope that an electronic billboard in Philadelphia can cause some drivers to reconsider the shape of the planet. The ‘Infinite Plane Society’ purchased ad space

NASA to Prove Chemtrails Exist With Colorful Night Show

NASA will create “artificial, colorful clouds” with chemicals sprayed from a rocket Monday night. About five minutes after liftoff, a NASA rocket will spray barium, strontium and cupric-oxide vapor to form literal chemtrails in beautiful

Marian Apparition Seen in Ireland?

June 12, 2017 A strange scene unfolded in Ireland over the weekend as thousands of people flocked to a religious shrine in the hopes of seeing an appearance by the Virgin Mary. The gathering of

NC Town Embraces Bigfoot

June 11, 2017 A small town in North Carolina has turned to an unlikely icon in an effort to ‘rebrand’ their community: Bigfoot. Nestled in the heart of the Uwharrie National Forest, the town of

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