Breakthrough Earhart Clue Found?

July 05, 2017 A newly-discovered photograph found tucked away in the National Archives may be a breakthrough clue in the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s fate. The famed aviatrix and her navigator Fred Noonan famously vanished

Video: Left Trains For American Civil War

Are these the most elite soldiers ever? Are these the future death-squads of the coming communist regime? Probably not, but hey, at least they’re out of their mom’s basement. Originally Published By

Japan Aims to Put Man on the Moon

July 01, 2017 The Japanese space agency JAXA has its eyes on a historic achievement as it wants to put a man on the moon by 2030. The ambitious plan hinges on a proposed NASA-led

Flat Earth Billboard Campaign Spreads to Oklahoma

June 30, 2017 An inventive campaign by Flat Earth conspiracy theorists to catch the attention of motorists via billboards has spread to Oklahoma. Over the next month, drivers cruising down the highway near the Tulsa

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