Group of Bigfoot Filmed by Yellowstone Webcam?

January 17, 2017 While watching a webcam aimed at Yellowstone’s Old Faithful geyser on Christmas Day, a Bigfoot enthusiast believes that he spotted a group of Sasquatch gathering in the area. Going by the name

Trump Operative Roger Stone Survives Assassination Attempt

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone was recently targeted for assassination, he revealed on the Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show.The renowned Republican operative says he’s usually very healthy, but became violently ill unexpectedly several

Monstrous Gator Filmed in Florida

January 16, 2017 An incredible video from a Florida nature reserve shows a massive alligator casually strolling across a path in front a group of awestruck tourists. The footage was captured by area resident Kim

‘Floating City’ Could Be Built Soon

January 17, 2017 An ambitious plan to build a ‘floating city’ has taken a major step forward as French Polynesia has brokered a deal with the project backers that could pave the way for construction

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