Dashing Thylacine Caught on Film?

July 07, 2017 An Australian man suspects that he may have captured the legendary Tasmanian Tiger on tape while filming an early morning sunrise last week. Paul Day posted the footage to YouTube a few

HitchBOT’s American Nightmare

After successfully traveling across Canada and Germany via the kindness of strangers, the robotic hitchhiker known as HitchBOT received a rude awakening after a mere two weeks of attempting to traverse the United States. Beginning

Future of Roadside ‘UFO’ in Doubt

July 05, 2017 A kitschy roadside attraction in North Carolina dubbed the ‘Frisco UFO’ has landed at the center of a strange bureaucratic battle. The unlikely landmark was once a beachfront home but now sits

Why Does North Korea Want Nuclear Weapons?

By Liberty Report Staff Americans are never (ever) supposed to think about motives. A never-ending carousel of bad people seek to hurt America, which is merely minding its own business, focused on defending America only, and

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