VIABwa ha ha ha! LOL!! That is hysterically funny. Donald Trump’s delightful spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, went on CNN to spar with the media trolls. They were simply horrified by her necklace made of inert bullet cartridges linked together. It’s lovely and the perfect troll toy. It got the desired reaction as a collective meltdown ensued. But Pierson is as witty and bright as she is beautiful. She came back with the purrrfect response: “Maybe I’ll wear a fetus next time & bring awareness to 50 million aborted people that will never get to be on Twitter.” Way to trout smack Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She knocked the woman’s only two brain cells right out of her vacuous noggin.


From Mad World News:

It’s clear that gorgeous Katrina Pierson isn’t shy when it comes to her media appearances, which makes her the perfect spokeswoman for representing Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. After getting heaps of hate this week when some thought she took things to a provocative new level in an appearance on CNN, she fired back with the perfect response.


The outspoken frontwoman for Donald Trump got the pantsuits off many liberals in a tight wad for her choice in attire, when she appeared on live television in an interview on CNN. She went on the news show to discuss Trump’s recent jabs at former President Bill Clinton, when he backhandedly slammed Hillary Clinton. But the focus wasn’t on what Pierson said about the Clintons, all eyes were on what she had on her chest and what she said about it after.


Pierson sported the perfect necklace for the right-winger’s cause, which consisted of spent bullet cartridges all linked together to create an edgy Second Amendment ensemble. Her leftist haters, namely whiny Shannon Watts who is the grossly misguided and obnoxious leader of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, took huge issue with the spokeswoman’s accessory.

Watts went on record for all her overly sensitive housewives with a Tweet about Pierson’s necklace that said, “Surely @KatrinaPierson wore bullet necklace on #CNN to bring attention to 90 Americans fatally shot daily #gunsense.” I’m sure Watts thought she was oh, so clever… until Pierson hit her between the eyes with the fetus comeback. You see, women don’t belong in the kitchen, they belong on the gun range. The hate unleashed on Pierson after her epic smack down was a tidal wave of viciousness. Evidently, it is hunky dory to kill millions of unborn children, but evil guns that save lives have to be done away with. How screwed up is that logic? You can just feel the jealousy here. Pierson is a terrific representative for Trump… unafraid, smart and quick on her feet. Liberals don’t stand a chance against her.