Orange Alligator Astounds SC Town

Visitors to a pond in the South Carolina town of Hanahan have been left scratching their heads after spotting an alligator that boasts a most unusual color.

The vivid orange reptile became somewhat of a viral sensation over the last few days and has been dubbed the ‘Trumpagator’ by some social media users.

Fortunately, the colorful gator has proven to be less elusive than your typical ‘mystery creature,’ making frequent appearances for curious onlookers and ambitious photographers who have ventured to the pond as the legend of the animal has grown.

As to the origin of the animal’s unique coloring, the prevalent theory appears to be that the creature acquired the ‘tan’ accidentally rather than as a result of genetics.

To that end, a South Carolina wildlife official suggested that the orange hue came from the alligator seeking shelter in a rusty pipe which subsequently stained the alligator’s scales.

As such, those still hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature need to act fast as it is believed that the orange coloring will soon fade and, with that, the gator’s fame will likely fizzle as well.

Source: Post & Courier