Neighbors Said “You Can’t Fly American Flags”, This Army Mom’s Response? OMG!

VIA|  The politically correct police have shown up once again, this time in a small town called Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

For over a year now Donna Morey has been hanging a flag in her upstairs window to show support for her son, Army Major Donald Morey, who is currently serving in Iraq. Unfortunately, she might have to take that flag down, as many neighbors have complained that the flag is in violation of the homeowners association rules.

Folks, what kind of country is this becoming when people are asked to stop showing support for the troops? In today’s PC America it seems as though you aren’t allowed to stand up for those in service, but sticking up for liberal causes such as homosexuality, and abortion are totally acceptable.



Donna has refused to take the flag down, stating “‘I want to display that for all who serve – not only my son – but all who serve.’”

Mrs. Morey has been told that she must apply for an exemption to keep her flag up, but she is refusing to do so.

We Will ALWAYS Show Support For Our Troops!