This week, we celebrated the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a principled Christian who stood up against injustice.

But since that time, too many so-called “leaders” of the black communities have become wealthy and important by flaming the fires of racial tensions. This was especially true with the recent number of high-profile police shootings (such as in Ferguson, MO) where Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were eager to incite protests and angry riots.

But as Martin Luther King III said in a recent interview, his father would NOT support such violence:

“My father’s approach to the most brutal and unambiguous social injustices during the civil rights struggle was rooted in nonviolence as a morally and tactically correct response,” Mr. King said in an interview with The Washington Times. “In no way do I, nor would my father, condone any ‘ends justify the means’ behavior.”


“I would say to these young people, you are not unheard. Your disillusionment deserves to be addressed inside and outside the university through cross-cultural dialogue, which should include a greater understanding of oppression. Only then can your anger be positively redirected through the time-honored process of nonviolence my father utilized to obtain his greatest moral victories in seeking justice and fairness for all.”  READ MORE