Ibogaine: The Hallucinogenic Tree That Cures Addiction in One Dose

There have been a lot of advances in the medical field when it comes to trying to cure the world of many of the most devastating diseases and sicknesses like cancer, however there are still many unresolved issues as well as controversies that exist when it comes to discussing medical assistance to the world.
New Potential Cure For Addictions Sometimes the cure to some sicknesses are far too controversial, which leads to them being buried by big businesses and/or big government in order to maximize their gains. Marijuana legalization has often been perceived as only a moral issue, however it has also turned out to be a large-scale monetary issue as well as this means a lot less arrests and fines for arresting people with marijuana.
Related Articles Research by the University of Bonn in conjunction with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has found that a chemical found in Cannabis can reverse the aging process in mice if given in low doses.Ordinarily, the brain loses cognitive function as animalsDaily Dose Of Cannabis Reverses Aging Processes In The Brain, Study This map, dated back from 1930, depicts the different plant species and herbs that grew in each state within the US.An effort to balance out humanity’s extremes, it was printed by the National Wholesale Druggists’ Association and serves to remind usFascinating 1930’s Pharmacist Map of Powerful Herbal Cures Released To Public The discussion that comes up is whether legalizing it would create enough tax dollars to make it worth doing, rather than arresting individuals.
This is just one example of how using certain substances to heal brings up huge problems, despite the fact that it can help people. There has been a recent story that was released speaking of a substance in West Africa that is capable of healing individuals, however much like marijuana it is a very controversial method of healing. In West Africa, this substance is called Ibogaine, which is a hallucinogen, which in itself will instantly stir up controversial from the general public. Just a bit of usage of this substance can create a mild and euphoric effect on the user, but using a much bigger amount can essentially turn this into a substance as powerful as LSD and lead to quite a trip for the individual that dares use Ibogaine.

This drug has been used by shamans in South America, but it has not surfaced very much for many of the reasons stated above. Making individuals go on a trip can definitely lead to some people not thinking that the benefits outweigh the costs, however mitigating the usage is the primary key. Don’t prescribe too much of this stuff. According to these shamans who use it as a healing method, they say that their users typically have to remain still during the usage of this drug or else they will vomit from the potency of it. They state that people who actually take it often have some of the most unique occurrences. They go as far to talk to God and even talk to the dead.
The drug apparently leads individuals lead to memories of the past, whether relevant or not, however it is quite an event according to a Brazilian psychologist. The next question for readers is that if this is such a powerful drug that easily surpasses the effects of LSD, then what is the actual point of the drug? LSD has its time during the 70s and was often viewed as on of the more dangerous drugs, due to its lack of predictability. Bad trips from LSD could lead someone to permanently be in fear from seeing fearful things during the trip.
The answer to the question is that although this drug is extremely powerful and can put people in quite a trance upon consumption it is actually capable of some of the most important diseases in the world, addiction. It not only can help with mitigating depression and creating a more calm demeanor, but it can essentially remove addiction with mere ease in matter of days. As described the addiction and urge completely disappear. This is not the first time such a finding has been shared. It has been researched for decades and the same conclusions were reached.
The problem as stated before is determining how government is going to receive such a drug. The benefits may definitely be too strong to deny. Given the power of addiction, a drug like this should definitely be looked into. It has been looked into in several other countries, however they too are running into legal issues. This will definitely be an interesting fight that will probably take many years to get into. The acceptance of this drug could completely change the medical field forever.

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