I Thought This Was Just A Normal Drumline, What They Did At 3:10? MIND BLOWING!

VIA|  When I saw this drumline video, my hope in music was restored.

This performance is purely fascinating! I’ve definitely watched it more than once.

The video features a group called the Top Secret Drum Corps, a prestigious precision drumline corps based in Basel, Switzerland, known for its’ military style derived from the Swiss soldiers of the Middle Ages.

These drummers are so talented! While watching this flawless performance, it’s clear to see how much hard work, practice, and discipline they put in to accomplish something so legendary. They’re not just musicians – they’re athletes too!

One of the most exciting parts of the video is at 3:10 when they break into a sword fight with their drumsticks. I can’t believe they stayed on beat while being so theatrical and executing such precise choreography.

Watch the incredible video right now!

Can I get an encore?! These drummers just blew my mind.