We Are Extraterrestrials And Sunburns Prove It, Expert Say

What if the world’s population is a mix of people that were brought to this planet, in let’s say, an experiment to place these “humans” on the Earth to either learn about it or adjust their lifestyles to resemble the natural surroundings of this planet. Humans Aren’t That Human This very widely believed assumption is now being claimed by a United States Geologist Dr. Ellis Silver.
In his expert opinion, he believes in his writings that the case for humans getting sunburns, bad backs, and even women and their labor pains when giving birth is the result that people aren’t from the planet Earth, but were brought here by other species in the Universe. Is this possible? Some say the held belief that the Creator God has established mankind on this planet from the beginning. Some say the Alien species from our nearest planet neighbor, that being Proxima Centauri, that brought some form of people to this planet and then mixed that species with a form of species already here on Earth to make mankind? Either way, it’s an interesting theory, and we’ll look more into this subject further in this article. What can prove to us that we are literally from this planet?
Some scientists show that with the discovery and coding of DNA in 2017, we can link ourselves to the Earth. Our composition makes up the natural components of the planet. Dr. Silver states in his book “HUMANS ARE NOT FROM EARTH: A SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION OF THE EVIDENCE” that the Alien species combined with a type of life form already in existence on Earth. Could this be that? With modern technologies already at use in the scientific fields, we have the ability to combine different DNA structures with one another.
This work lays into the theory of human cloning. Dr. Silver might have a point. Older beliefs include the ways of older Babylon from The Holy Bible. It is said in writings that the Babylonian people and leaders were into mixing animals and humans to make superior creatures, like that of a Centaur.
To summarize, Dr. Silver’s findings include the fact of lower back pains are attributed to the low center of gravity on this planet, sunburns aren’t meant for humans as they don’t need long exposures to the Sun, and the “abnormality” of large babies heads and the fact that many women have trouble giving birth due to this problem. Interesting take on this subject.
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