Experts Beg Everyone To Check Their Gardens For Tiny Eggs!


Whenever I’m out in nature, I find myself a little overwhelmed by how much spectacular beauty there is on this planet.

If you’re a city dweller like me, you quickly start to appreciate that every flower and blade of grass is a tiny miracle.

Unfortunately, there are lots of folks out in the world who don’t fully appreciate all that natural splendor. There are still far too many people who would rather topple a rare tree for wood than let it live and reproduce.

Fortunately, those folks are balanced out by the many open-hearted citizens of the world who want to protect Mother Earth!

Chief among these hardy souls? The good folks at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They protect the ecology of our country every day, and this spring is no exception.

Springtime is when many animals reproduce, including fragile and delicate creatures such as hummingbirds.

With that in mind, the USFWA is here to warn everyone about what to do — and what not to do — if they stumble on a hummingbird nesting area.