Meanwhile in Venezuela, the Real Mad Max Emerges

While Silicon Valley seems obsessed by ‘blood boys’, its another part of the world that appears to have gone full Mad Max. As the following clip shows a gang of bikers chase down and attack a truck (with

China has ‘teleported’ a photon in to orbit

The beginnings of the quantum age. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 ESO/M. Kornmesser In a world-first, China has succeeded in using quantum entanglement to send data to a satellite. Working out of a base station

Shia LaBeouf Threatens to Kill Cops Amid Drunken Arrest

***Warning: This article contains graphic language. Reader discretion advised.*** *** Disney child star and poster boy for the left’s anti-Trump hate Shia LaBeouf threatened to shoot police during a drunken arrest over the weekend. The

Florida Monkey Invasion Begins?

July 10, 2017 The monkey invasion of Ocala, Florida foretold last week appears to be coming to fruition and it’s pretty terrifying. After video emerged of a family accosted by wild rhesus monkeys while visiting

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