Charlie Sheen Sued for Exposing Ex to HIV

Charlie Sheen recklessly exposed his ex-girlfriend to HIV and had the audacity to say he was “noble” for belatedly telling her … according to a new lawsuit. A California woman — known only as Jane

Has ‘Planet 10’ Been Detected?

June 23, 2017 Astronomers observing the mysterious Kuiper Belt deep in space believe they may have detected signs of heretofore undiscovered large planet in our solar system. In a newly-published paper, the researchers say that

Baby Monitor Spots Eerie Anomaly

June 23, 2017 A family in England were left bewildered when they looked at the baby monitor watching over the son and spotted what seems to be a ghost! Mom Laura Haigh says that she

McDonald’s Replacing Cashiers with Robot Kiosks

McDonald’s is replacing at least 2500 cashiers with robotic kiosks as part of a grand strategy to stay competitive. The embattled fast food giant, which recently flirted with the possibility of shutting down hundreds of

Odd UFO Photographed in Canada

June 22, 2017 A Canadian wildlife photographer captured a truly strange unidentified flying object that has left him baffled. Ken Rice had just finished taking some nature photographs at a marsh in the Canadian city

Video: Strange Mummy Investigated by Gaia TV

June 20, 2017 Recently, Gaia filmmakers joined researchers and scientists just outside of Nazca, Peru to investigate an unearthed mummified body with curious properties such as an elongated skull, and three-fingered hands. Independent scientists and

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