Can You Guess Which Golden Girl Was Serving Our Country As One Of The First Ever Female Marines?

VIA| Long before actress Bea Arthur earned her fame on TV shows like “Maude” and “The Golden Girls,” she went by the name Bernice Frankel.

And Frankel was a young woman from New York who dreamed of serving her country.

Upon further investigation into this American TV icon’s backstory, The Smoking Gun found documents that proved this Golden Girl served America for 30 months in the United States Marine Corps as a member of the Women’s Reserve.

She served mostly as a truck driver and typist and had even been reprimanded for contracting a venereal disease. But despite her behavior, she was a dedicated servicewoman who loved serving America.

The documents actually indicated that she petitioned the Marine Corps to allow her in and needed to go through several rounds of interviews before they would open their doors to her.

One of those interviews noted Bea Arthur’s “argumentative” and “over-aggressive” personality that would later predict her feistiness as a singer and actress.

In a 2009 interview before her death, Arthur denied serving in the Marine Corps saying, “Oh, no,” when asked about it.

But the records don’t lie. And this American hero gave 30 months of her life to America.

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