Boy Flags Down Cop, Hands Him This and Leaves… Then Search Commences to Track Him Down

VIA| Officer Joe McMahan, of the Slidell Police Department in Louisiana, was recently driving around on patrol when he was flagged down by a woman and young boy.

When he had pulled over the woman asked if they could give him something, and then the boy, a 9-year-old named Jayden Witsell, handed him an envelope that read “Police lives matter” on one side and “God bless” on the reverse.

Upon opening the envelope, McMahan discovered a St. Michael’s coin, representing the patron saint of law enforcement, and a card which read: “Keep this coin in your pocket. Thank you for putting your life on the line to keep me and others safe. God Bless, Jayden Witsell, 9 years old.”


McMahan said he greatly appreciated the gesture by the young boy, which he said brought a smile to his face and warmed his heart.

“It has been a long time since someone said thank you in this magnitude,” wrote McMahan in a social media post describing the incident. “This is what I remember about becoming a police officer 16 years ago. The brave young man was able to stand up when everybody else is looking down at us.”

However, despite the good encounter between the officer and young boy, McMahan admitted that he did have one regret regarding the matter: “I want a photo of me and my hero.”

Eventually, Jayden and his mother were tracked down and invited to the police department, where they were able to meet with Officer McMahan again so he could return the thanks they had first given to him (H/T Mad World News).


This is a great story, one the media won’t do anything to help spread. It doesn’t conform with their false narrative that all cops are racist murderers just looking for innocent civilians to abuse — especially black ones.