The Book of Enoch Speaks of The Nephilim, How Angels Lusted For Power, and How God Unleashed The Flood Gates

Much of the Bible story we know today has carefully been sorted, so it doesn’t threaten the established belief system. However, the Ethiopians have kept behind closed doors a more detailed Bible, comprised of 88 books instead of the conventional 66 from the Kings James version.
Those missing book, most notorious being the Book of Enoch, speak of corrupted angels, humans with tremendous lifespans, the Nephilim, a great flood, plus many other advanced teachings left behind by our forefathers that had thrived before this global cataclysm.
In case you haven’t heard of Enoch, he was the great great grandfather of Noah, a righteous man that had made God’s bidding and was spared of his earthly demise. After he had played his part, God took him besides him, unleashing the flood gates that had wiped most of the living creatures of the Earth.
Fortunately, a handful of select humans had made it out alive to tell the story of a time when giants roamed alongside men, and angels were teaching humanity the ways of war and knowledge. Find out more in the video below.
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