Antarctica’s Frozen Waves – How Can Waves Freeze Like That?

Antarctica is the southernmost of the continents and one of the largest, with a surface area of 14 million square kilometers. It surrounds the South Pole, and for that reason is almost completely covered by huge glaciers. When you see photos of this place, you see penguins, polar bears and icebergs.
However, what we have below is a bit different! Have you ever seen frozen waves? It’s just that I do not! Imagine surfing through the ocean waves when the water freezes. It will freak the hell out of you. These images were made by scientist Tony Travouillon in Antarctica.
The photos show a giant wave that was frozen just as it broke the beach. The blue color of the “waves” indicates that the phenomenon can be of a frozen wave. Are these frozen waves evidence that a sudden freeze on Antarctica occurred in the past? Take a look at this photos and please share your comments.